2020 Board Position Updates

February 6, 2020
Dear Friends,
This is to inform you all about the FCFOA 2020 Board position updates. 

Tracy Mcfate
After 30 + years in the FCFOA, Tracy McFate resigned his last position as Assigner.  He and his wife Connie have relocated to Henderson, NV. 

Scott Root
Scott resigned from the position of FCFOA Instructional Chairperson due to his demands as a Division I Referee.  Scott will continue to participate in FCFOA leadership, the SCCFOA Instructor and liaison for Covina HS. 

J. C. Holt
After 20+ years as a game official and Board Member, J. C. has resigned from his Board Member position due to his increasing professional work schedule demands. 
Thank you on behalf of the organization for the service that you all have provided during your tenure.  We thank you for all your contributions you have made towards the growth of the unit.  You have proved to be a source of inspiration to all.
We wish you all the best for your future endeavor.

We are glad and happy as an organization to welcome the following persons to the FCFOA Board 2020.  I am sure that you will all make these gentlemen feel welcome in their new positions.

Luther Wilson, Assigner
Luther has 25+ years’ experience as a game official, numerous Board positions, and as assigner.  Like his predecessor, his relationships with CIF, school administrators, and coaches will help make the Unit continue its growth and provide quality officials.
Art Andrade, Instructional Chairperson
Art has 25+ years’ experience as a game official, and numerous Board positions.  Art has consistently provided service and outstanding leadership to the Unit.  Art will oversee the curriculum and work with the Board to prepare the Unit for the upcoming season.

Anthony Jackson, Board Member (1-year term).  Replaces J. C. Holt

David Mushinskie, Board Member (2-year term).  Replace Sal Cerrillo who was elected Vice President.

Mitch Tynes, Board Member (3-year term).  Elected in 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call President Ruben Lopez, or me.   Otherwise we look forward to a productive new year.

Best regards,

Frank Fontes
FCFOA Secretary-Treasurer

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