Instructional Chairperson Position Available- Letter of Interest due Dec. 16, 2019

The Board of the FCFOA is currently seeking candidates for the position of Instructional Chairperson. The job description is written below. Interested candidates should provide a Letter of Interest stating your qualifications.
The deadline for submitting this information is Monday December 16, 2019. Please submit your information to Vice President Ruben Lopez at The top candidates will be scheduled for an interview.
Please note that a submission of a Letter of Interest does not guarantee an interview.
-The Instructional Chairperson shall direct and supervise the program of instruction for members of the Association
-He/she shall cause to be prepared, organized, and disseminated, in conjunction with the Secretary/Treasurer, all study and testing materials relating to the rules of the game of football, as well as actual and hypothetical cases, and relating to the mechanics of football officiating.
-He/she shall prescribe, administer and oversee the grading of the study guide and classification examinations.
-The Instructional Chairperson shall appoint Instructors, and may appoint Observers, to aid him/her in regulating, educating and evaluating members of the organization both in the classroom and during the field test. All appointments are subject to the approval of the
  Board of Directors.with his/her Instructors and Observers, he/she shall recommend a fair and equitable system of rating the officiating performance of members of the organization.
-The Instructional Chair shall, in conjunction with his/her Instructors and the Board of Directors, evaluate any new member transferring to the organization with prior officiating experience and determine the rating classification in which to place the transfer member; after one year
  with the organization, the transfer member shall be reevaluated and, if appropriate, reclassified.
-The Instructional Chair shall act as liaison between the organization and any sister organizations and shall be vested with such other powers and duties as these Bylaws or the Board of Directors may prescribe.
-He/she shall preside over all portions of meetings of the Board of Directors, of the Instructors, and of the members of the organization relating to the instruction of rating of members of the organization.
-He/she is entitled to receive compensation from the Association for his/her services.
-Must be accessible, have good working relationship with the Associations officials and school personnel.
-Must attend CIFSS play off meeting, attend units rating meeting and any Board meetings when requested.
-Must be detailed oriented and able to multi-task.

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